Pool & Spa Safety Checklist

When you need a Certificate

No matter what type of pool you have, you will need certification for your pool or spa if you are selling or renting.

More than 90% of all pools in NSW fail the first certification check and you are obliged to make your pool fully compliant within six weeks of your first inspection. We can advise you before your inspection to ensure you are ready.

Please read the tips and pool inspection readiness information below help you be inspection ready.

Quick Tips for Swimming Pool Compliance in NSW

To ensure you are ready for your Pool Safety Certification inspection and receive your certification as quickly and smoothly as possible you must do the following:

  1. Trees, Shrubs & Landscaping: Ensure that your planting does not allow children to climb the fence.
  2. Display a Resuscitation Chart: A current chart must be fixed and clearly displayed in your pool area.
  3. Remove Hazards: Ensure that all pool furniture, pot plants, BBQ’s or any movable hazards are at least one metre from the pool fence.
  4. Pool Gates: Your pool gate must open outwards and close from all positions in its arc.
  5. Pool Fences: Pool fencing must be in good condition. There can be no climbing aids and no gaps of more than 100mm between the bottom of the fence and ground level.

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